Proposed Papers
for the
2009 ACHS Conference

Catholics in Australian Public Life since 1788

The following Proposals for Papers have been received:

  1. Michael Cullen: Cardinal Sir James Darcy Freeman as Catholic priest and Australian
  2. Anne Cunningham: Christopher Coveny
  3. Tony Earls: Stories of Four Catholic Judges on Australia's Colonial Supreme Courts
  4. James Franklin: Calwell, Catholicism and the Origins of Multicultural Australia
  5. Regina Ganter, Griffith University: German missionaries in Queensland: a Q150 website
  6. Janice Garaty: Judging a Man by his Deeds: Henry Clement Hoyle, MLA and Trade Unionist.
  7. Damian Gleeson: Monsignor J.F McCosker’s influence on Commonwealth Social Policy in the 1950s and 1960s
  8. Gregory Haines: Lay Catholic Society, male, in NSW 1830 – 1885.
  9. Vivienne Keely chf: The Reverend Mr Power: Government Priest 1827 -1830
  10. Jeff Kildea: Hugh Mahon: Political Conundrum
  11. Robert Lehane: The Dalley Phenomenon
  12. Helen Lucas: The Archdiocese of Sydney and establishment of the Palm Island Mission
  13. Katharine Massam: ‘Easter in the Public Realm’
  14. Sophie McGrath: Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran, Feminist
  15. David Povey: Hugh Taylor of Parramatta, the poor man's friend.
  16. Stephen Utick: An Engineer and the City: Mission and Prophetic Vision in the Life of Charles O’Neill
  17. John Warhurst: Catholics in the Liberal Party of Australia: From Philip Lynch to Malcolm Turnbull

2009 Conference
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