Submit Proposals & Papers
for the
2009 ACHS Conference

Catholics in Australian Public Life since 1788

Papers at the conference will be in half-hour periods. So you should allow 20 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for discussion.

Submitting a Proposal

Your submission has two aspects:

  1. Contact details
  2. An abstract

To submit your proposal please complete the form, '2009 ACHS Conference Proposal'.

Your abstract should be no more than 400 words, one-and-a-half line spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point, on an A4 sheet with margins of 2.5 cm. The first line should be the title in bold, using a mixture of upper and lower case lettering.

Please send a digital copy of your Proposal in PC Word format to the Conference Coordinator. You may also wish to post a hard copy.

The deadline for submission of proposals is 1 May 2009.

We will notify you by 1 June 2009 about whether your proposal has been accepted.

Submission of Papers

After your proposal has been approved you are to submit a copy of your paper. The paper should not exceed 5000 words (including notes) and should follow the format guidelines as above for the abstract. It should also follow the ACHS Journal Style Guide which can be found in the Journal section of the ACHS website.

You have the option of seeking refereed status for your paper. Two anonymous referees will read your paper and decide whether it should be given refereed status. For this purpose you will need to submit a digital copy and two hard copies of the paper to the Conference Coordinator by 1 August 2009. Your name should not appear on the paper. If you do not require your paper to be refereed the deadline for submission will be 20 August 2009.

2009 summary of submission deadlines
May 1 Submission of Proposals
June 15 Notification of acceptance of proposals
August 1 Submission of papers for refereeing
August 20 Submission of papers not to be refereed

Convenors: John Luttrell fms, Damian Gleeson PhD, Perry McIntyre PhD

Submissions and further inquiries to:
John Luttrell fms (ACHS Conference Coordinator), Catholic Institute of Sydney, 99 Albert Road, Strathfield, NSW 2135.
Ph: +612 9752 9513

2009 Conference
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