ANNALS AUSTRALASIA 2008: November/December



Just Look!
Guest Editorial by Edward Cardinal Egan, Archbishop of New York

Don Gallagher

The Patrician Brothers in Australia
Kevin Hilferty

The Ghost in the Machine
Tony Evans

Cardinal Deacon of St George in Velabro
J Gerald Wilson

The ‘Golden Age’ of Harun al-Rashid
Paul Stenhouse, MSC

A Voice from the Shadows
Review by Wanda Skowronska

Papal Rome’s Last Moments
Elizabeth Lev

The Seven Great ‘O’ Antiphons
Hal English, John Colborne-Veel, Paul Stenhouse

Defenceless Europe
Jude P Dougherty

Why don’t the English?
Peter Coleman

Pondering Progress
Giles Auty

The Mystery of the Brevity of Life
Kit Cunningham

2008 nov dec cover
2008 nov dec cover

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