The ACHS Council

The programme and activities of the Society are planned and managed by the ACHS Council. The Council is elected annually and consists of the following.

The Executive: President, Vice-Presidents (two), Secretary, Treasurer

Up to seven Councillors, who carry out a number of roles – including Archivist, Journal Editor, Newsletter Editor, Publicity Officer, Research Officer.

The Council from time to time may appoint Sub-committees.

Executive Members of the Society

Dr John Carmody

(See President’s report for March 2021)

Vice Presidents:
Prof James Franklin
Mr Howard Murray

Ms Helen Scanlon

Dr Lesley Hughes.

ACHS Chaplain:
Sr Helen Simpson OLSH

stained glass window
St Benedict’s Church, Broadway, Sydney. Photographer Lyn Mills.
Fr (later Archbishop) Eris O'Brien, one of the Society founders.
Fr (later Archbishop) Eris O’Brien, one of the society founders.