Podcasts and Videos


James Franklin, ‘Catholic rural virtue in Australia: ideal and reality’ (ACHS talk, 16 Feb 2020) … (text)

Fr Tony Doherty’s ‘Priests I have known’ podcasts

Video lectures

Archbishop Mannix – a tribal icon, controversial prelate?

Jeff Kildea on Archbishop Kelly and the Quarantine Station Incident of 1918

Jeff Kildea on Where Crows Gather: The Sister Liguori Affair 1920-21

Original videos

St Patrick’s Day, Melbourne, 1932


Eucharistic Festival, Sunbury Vic, 1938

Cardinal Gilroy welcomed home from Rome, 1946

Pope Paul VI’s visit to Australia, 1971

‘The Devil’s Playground’ (1976) trailer

Pope John Paul II’s visit to Australia, 1986

Stations of the Cross, Bathurst Island, 1987

A clip from ‘Brides of Christ’ (1991 miniseries)